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  • LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane
LH Electric Hoist Double Girder Bridge Crane
Product characteristics:
LH  electric hoist  double  girder  bridge crane  is  designed and  manufactured  accordin
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LH  electric hoist  double  girder  bridge crane  is  designed and  manufactured  according  to the national standard JB/T3695-2008 <electric hoist bridge crane>, using fixed steel wire rope electric hoist as lifting  mechanism, similar to QD electric  double girder bridge crane  in structure, which consists of four main components: bridge frame, trolley, cart and electricity.

LH electric  hoist double girder  bridge crane  is a lifting  and hoisting  equipment, which crosses over the factory building and moves along the track direction. The trolley moves horizontally and the hook moves up and down.  It is suitable for loading and unloading of warehouses,  workshops and  stock  ground  in  industrial   and  mining  enterprises.  The  ambient  temperature  range  is -20-+40°C. It is  not suitable for working fields  of dissolved red-hot metals  and highly corrosive

chemical gases. LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane is an important tool and equipment to realize mechanization and automation  of production process in modern industrial production  and lifting transportation.

The  lifting weight  of  LH  electric  hoist double  girder  bridge  crane and  main  hook  load are 3T/5T/10T/16T/20T/32T/50T and the auxiliary hook load are 3.2T/5T/8T/10T. The working level is A3-A5 according to the different utilization level and load-up condition. The operation mode is divided into ground operation and air operation. The air operation cab is installed at the bottom of one end of  the bridge, and the  opening direction is  divided into left opening  and right opening.

The conductive  way of  cart is  usually in  the form  of slide  wire or  trailing wire  cable. In  the selection  of  crane   type,  according  to  the   operating  requirements  under  different   working conditions, determine the type and major parameters of crane, and pay attention to the selection of relevant accessories of crane.

Major parameters of LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane:

Lifting weight: LH3-50t, LH10/3.2-16/3.2t, LH10/5-32/5t, QD32/8-50/10t

Span: 10.5-31.5m, 16.5-31.5m.

Lift height: 6-30m.