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  • QD Electric Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • QD Electric Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • QD Electric Double Girder Bridge Crane
  • QD Electric Double Girder Bridge Crane
QD Electric Double Girder Bridge Crane
Product characteristics:
Product introduction of QD electric double girder bridge crane Double  beam bridge  crane  is an  important&nb
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Product introduction of QD electric double girder bridge crane Double  beam bridge  crane  is an  important  tool and  equipment  to realize  mechanization  and automation of production  process in modern industrial  production and lifting transportation.  QD electric double  girder bridge  crane is  a lifting  and hoisting equipment,  which crosses  over the factory building and moves along the track direction. The trolley moves horizontally and the hook moves up and down. It is suitable for loading and unloading of warehouses, workshops and stock ground in industrial and mining enterprises. The ambient temperature range is -20°C-+40°C. It is not suitable for working fields of dissolved red-hot metals and highly corrosive chemical gases.

QD  electric  double  girder  bridge crane  is  composed  of  lifting  double  beam  trolley,  bridge operation mechanism, bridge  metal structure and electrical  control system. The  working level is A3-A7 according to  the different utilization  level and load-up condition.  The operation mode is divided into ground operation and air operation. The air operation cab is installed at the bottom of one end of  the bridge, and the  opening direction is  divided into left opening  and right opening.

The conductive  way of  cart is  usually in  the form  of slide  wire or  trailing wire  cable. In  the selection  of  crane   type,  according  to  the   operating  requirements  under  different   working conditions, determine the type and major parameters of crane, and pay attention to the selection of relevant accessories of crane.

Major parameters of QD electric double girder bridge crane:


weight:QD5~10t,QD16/3.2~63/10t,QD75/20~100/20t,QD125/30~200/50t,QD250/75~300/75t, QD400/80~500/80t.

Span: 10.5-31.5m, 16.5-31.5m.

Lift height: 6-30m.

Technical parameters of QD electric double girder bridge crane


Installation size of QD electric double girder bridge crane

Operating procedures of QD electric double girder bridge crane:

Before work

a. Check the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices according to the requirements of thecheck card and exclude any abnormal phenomena.

b. The operator must make sure that there is no one on the platform or track before closing themain power source. When the power circuit reaker is locked or has a sign, it should be removed

by the original person concerned before closing the main power.

At work

a. When lifting the heavy object for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the weight should be put down after lifting the height of 0.5 m above the ground. Check the performance of the brake and confirm the reliability before proceeding withnormal operation.

b. The operator shall ring the alarm as required for the following tasks during the operation.

①When lifting and landing heavy objects, driving the large and small cars;

②When driving the crane with unclear sight, it is necessary to continuously ring the alarm;

③When  the crane is approaching another crane in the span;

④ When lifting heavy objects is close to people.

c. All operations should be carried out according to the unified command signals.

d. When the power is suddenly cut off during work, all controller handles should be placed in the “zero” position. Check whether the crane is working properly before re-working.

c. When cranes and trolleys are in normal operating, it’s strictly prohibited from driving reverse and braking to a halt. When changing the direction of cranes and trolleys, the handle must be placed in the "zero" position to make sure the vehicle is completely stopped, then it can be


d. When the main and auxiliary hooks are replaced or the height of the two hooks are similar for the cranes with two hooks, the main and auxiliary hooks must be operated separately to avoid collision between the two hooks.

e. For the cranes with two hooks, it is not allowed to hang two objects by the two hooks at the same time; The hoist mechanism brake can be only adjusted when cranes are not working.

f. It is not allowed to use the limit position limiter to stop the cranes. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the hoist mechanism brake under load.

g. Strictly execute the rules of “not hanging objectives in the ten cases”:

① Don’t hang when the command signal is not clear or the command is disorder;② Don’t hang when the rated weight is exceeded;③ Don’t hang  when the spreader is used unreasonably or the object is not tied up;

④Don’t hang when there are people on the hanging object or other floating items;⑤Don’t hang when brakes or other brake safety devices don’t work well;⑥ Don’t hang when travelling crane is hanging heavy processing objects;

⑦ Don’t hang when the objects are not hung well;⑧Don’t hang when there are explosive objects;

⑨ Don’t hang objects buried under ground buildings;⑩ Don’t hang when the objects with edges and corners are not padded;

h. Stop the machine immediately if abnormality is found, check and exclude the cause in time.

After work

a. Raise the hook to a certain height, park the cranes and trolleys at the designated position, place the handle of the controller at the "zero" position; pull the handle of the protective box switch to cut off the power.

b. Carry out routine maintenance.

c. Have a smooth transition during the handover.


The cases of QD electric double girder bridge crane