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  • YLD Metallurgical Electric Single Girder Crane
YLD Metallurgical Electric Single Girder Crane
Product characteristics:
YLD metallurgical hoist double girder crane is designed on the basis of the improvement of LD electric single girder crane in acco
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YLD metallurgical hoist double girder crane is designed on the basis of the improvement of LD electric single girder crane in accordance with JB/T1306-94 Electrical Single Girder Crane, the stipulations of Quality Inspection Office (2007) 375 Notice on Relevant Opinions of Metallurgical Hoisting Machinery Remediation Work and the requirements of TSG Q0002-2008 Regulations for Technology Supervision of Hoisting Machinery Safety--Bridge Crane. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong rigidity of the whole equipment. It is a light and small hoisting machine, while the whole machine is matched with HYJI / II metallurgy electric hoist; The lifting weight is 3-10t, the span is 7.5-31.5m and the working level is A5. 

This product is widely used in hanging molten metal.

This product has three operating modes: ground ground  operation, remote control ground operation and control room ground operation. An exit passageway is necessary for the ground operation; There are two types of the control room ground operation: open and closed. It can be divided into the left or right side of installation according to the actual situation and the entry direction has two sides: the side and the end; The user can select the above operation modes in different circumstances.

The description of the metallurgical electric single girder crane:

1. It can be operated in high temperature environment;

2. The working level of the whole machine is A5; The lifting mechanism adopts metallurgical special electric hoist and the working level is M6; The operating level of operating mechanism is M5;

3. It is equipped with safety brake; When the first brake is working normally, the safety brake does not work; When the first brake fails or the parts are damaged, the safety brake works to make the weight slide to drop;

4. There are two ascending limiters; When one of the limiters fails, the other one works to prevent the roll from breaking the wire rope;

5. It is equipped with a load lifting limiter. When the lifting weight is 105% of the rated load, an audible and visual alarm will be issued and the lifting power is cut off to stop the lifting; In this way, the weight can be lifted by reducing the lifting weight, otherwise the above procedure will be repeated;

6. It is equipped with high temperature insulation protection device to reduce the heat radiation of the heat source;

7. The high temperature resistant cable is adopted;

8. The high temperature resistant steel wire rope is adopted;

9. The H-class high temperature resistant motor is adopted.