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What are the safety operating rules for the swivel boom crane? How to operate safely?

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1. The operator of jib crane should check the switch button and wire rope limit before using. If there is a problem, it should be repaired in time before it can be used. The power switch must be turned off before leaving.

2. When lifting the workpiece, we should concentrate on it and put both hands on the operating switch so as to brake at any time. We should not talk and eat while lifting, so as to avoid danger.

3. When lifting any workpiece, we must try to hang it. The hook should be vertical. If it is found that it is unbalanced, adjust the hook in time. No oblique lifting is allowed. Re-test the jib crane to keep the workpiece stable before lifting.

4. No overload lifting, no lifting of any workpiece is allowed to exceed 500 kg, otherwise, it will be heavily punished according to the violation of operating rules.

5. When lifting a workpiece, it is not allowed to be too high from the ground. It should be about half a person's height. If it crosses an object, it should be careful not to collide, and it is forbidden to cross a machine tool for lifting.

6. When lifting any workpiece, attention should be paid to the operation condition at any time. When abnormal noise and abnormal phenomena occur, the lifting should be stopped immediately. If the workpiece is diseased, it will be punished heavily according to the violation of the operating rules.

7. It is strictly forbidden to make any sudden repairs when the swivel arm crane is in use.

8. When not in use, the boom crane should be placed in a safe place. It is not allowed to obstruct the operation route of other lifting equipment, nor to park at will. Otherwise, it will be punished according to the violation of operating rules.

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