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Three items for the first test run of cantilever crane must be observed

Time:2018-06-15  Click:788

I. No-load test

Start the clicks of each body separately, so that the arm rotates for two to three weeks in time and counter-time, and no abnormal phenomena occur during operation. The horizontal running of the chain hoist or electric hoist trolley should be smooth, non-deviated, and the wheel tread should cooperate well with the beam track. The hook should be lifted up and down three to five times without abnormal noise, chain of electric hoist without clasp chain or wire rope of electric hoist.

II. Static Load Test

Under the static state of running trolley and rotating mechanism, the ring chain electric hoist is placed at the extreme position of the far end of the rotating arm column. The load is lifted by 1.25 times the rated load. The load is raised to 100 mm above the ground and unloaded after 10 minutes'suspension. There should be no abnormal phenomena in each mechanism.

III. Load Test

In the case of good static load test, the lifting test is carried out under rated load. The lifting test lasts 10 minutes from 200 mm to the ground, and lifts three times continuously. The mechanism is normal and the braking slip is not more than 80 mm. After the experiment, the components can be put into use without abnormality.

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