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How can the electromagnetic bridge crane be maintained to prolong its service life?

Time:2018-06-15  Click:842

1. Clean the appearance of the crane and the inside and outside of the cab to achieve neatness and cleanliness.

2. Check the lifting device and the components of the wire rope winding system, and eliminate the defects, so as to meet the requirements of the safety regulations of lifting machinery.

3. Check the parts and components of the deceleration device and driving device, and eliminate the loosening phenomenon, so as to make the transmission smooth and normal.

4. Check the brake device and adjust the clearance to achieve braking sensitivity and reliability.

5. Check the safety device and eliminate the defect. The action is safe and reliable.

6. Check the wheels and tracks of big and small cars, adjust the clearance to eliminate loosening, so as to achieve smooth and reliable walking.

7. Check the parts and components of the driving device of the big and small cars, and eliminate the looseness, so that the transmission can run smoothly and normally.

8. Check and adjust the brake device to achieve braking sensitivity and reliability.

9. Check safety devices and eliminate defects to ensure safe and reliable operation.

10. Check the oil quantity of gear reducer lubricating oil, and the oil quality meets the lubricating requirements.

11. Adding grease to the sliding pairs which need grease lubrication, such as bearing base, brake frame, coupling, pulley set, etc.

12. Wipe motor and electrical box to achieve internal and external cleaning and check for abnormalities.

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