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What are the daily inspection requirements of electromagnetic bridge crane?

Time:2018-06-15  Click:807

Inspection contents:

1. Whether the motor, reducer, brake frame, coupling and fixing bolt of the transmission system are loosened, whether the operation is normal, whether there is noise. (See)

2. Whether the brake limit devices of lifting, cart and trolley are sensitive and reliable, and whether the friction gaskets of brake wheels and brake belts are worn seriously. (See)

3. Whether the operating handles are sensitive, in place, and the speed regulation is normal. (See)

4. Whether the electrical device is normal, the movement is sensitive and the motor is running well. (Look and listen)

5. Whether the lubrication device is complete or not, whether there is oil leakage or oil shortage. (See)

6. Whether the wheels of big and small cars have serious gnawing tracks, and whether there are abnormal noises when walking. (Look and listen)

7. Whether the hoisting (moment) protection indication is accurate, sensitive and reliable. (See)

8. Whether the wire rope is short of oil or broken, whether the pulley is defective or not, whether the barrel pressure plate is loose or not. (See)

Description: In parentheses, point-check method is used. It is required to do a good job of spot check before starting every day. If there are abnormal phenomena, we should timely monitor them and report them in a timely manner.

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