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What inspection steps do gantry cranes need before working?

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1. Check the brake, hook, wire rope and safety device of the crane according to the requirement of spot check card, and find out the abnormal signs, which should be excluded.

2. The operator must confirm that no one is on the platform or on the track before closing the main power supply. When the power circuit breaker is locked or there is a notice board, the main power supply can be closed only after the original person concerned has removed it.

Important matters in gantry crane work: 1. When lifting heavy objects for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the heavy objects should be put down again after lifting the ground height of 0.5 meters, check the brake performance, and acknowledge that it is backward before normal work. 2. Operators should ring alarms for the following tasks according to the regulations in crane homework. (1) Lifting and landing heavy objects; driving large and small vehicles; (2) When the crane is not clear in sight, it should ring alarms continuously; (3) When the crane is approaching another heavy machine in the span. (4) When lifting heavy objects close to personnel.

3. The operation should be carried out according to the uniformly demarcated command signal.

4. All crane controller handles should be placed in the "zero" position when the power is suddenly cut off in the work. Before re-working, the crane should be checked for normal operation.

5. Reverse braking and parking are strictly prohibited for cranes and trolleys in normal work. When changing the direction of large and trolley movement, the handle must be placed in the "zero" position so that the mechanism can drive backwards only after it has completely stopped running.

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